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Sample Client Welcome Email

Strategy Session Scheduling

Address Verification

Request for Author Materials

ISBN Registration Notification

Printer Choice Request

Editing Notice

Notice to Review Edits

Cover Design Notice

Review Front Cover Concepts

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BONUS #3. Kristen's Personal Rolodex


BONUS #4. Resource Links

Haper Collins Christian Permissions Page

Graphic Artists Guild Handbook

YouTube NIMS ISLAND link

In the training today, there was some talk about copyrights from past works. Anything (from the US) written before 1923 is in the public domain. From 1923 to 1964, you have to check to see if the copyright was renewed. Here are a couple of links to help with that:


US Copyright Office PDF

Copyright Renewals Database

(If the item is NOT in the above database as renewed you can assume it has expired, but dig deeper/further to be absolutely sure.)

Last Pass PASSWORD Management Tool

BONUS #5. BONUS CPA QnA Session!


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