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The Book Ninja Academy


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Kristen Joy's Book Ninja Signature Courses

Kindle in 30 Challenge Courses and Bonuses

[memb_has_any_tag tagid=638,394,400]

Kindle in 30 Challenge Self Study

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=810,752]

Kindle in 30 Challenge April 2015

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=802,744]

Kindle in 30 Challenge January 2015

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=794,736]

Kindle in 30 Challenge October 2014

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=786,728]

Kindle in 30 Challenge June 2014

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=770,720]

Kindle in 30 Challenge Original


Book Creation Design Lab Courses

[memb_has_any_tag tagid=624]

Journal Design Basics (includes InDesign Presets)

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=930]

Advanced Journal Design

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1088]

Planner Design Lab

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1314]

Workbook Design Lab

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1350]

Cookbook Design Lab

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1479]

Board Book Design Lab

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1751]

Anthology Design Lab

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1779]

Education Book Design Lab

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1952]

Inspiration Book Design Lab


Special Bundles

[memb_has_any_tag tagid=1180]

Canva Journal Design MEGA Bundle

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1487]

Black Friday 2017 Book Marketing Templates MEGA Bundle

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1873]

Writer's Bootcamp PLR Bundle

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1972]

Journal Design PLR Package

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1976]

Mega Journal Design PLR Bundle


Bounty of Bargains Special Bundles

[memb_has_any_tag tagid=1358]

Book Marketing Templates MEGA Bundle

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1016]

Book Review Templates Bundle

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=512]

Ultimate Non-Fiction Endorsement Templates

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1004]

Fiction Ebook Cover Templates

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=616]

Ultimate Non-Fiction Book Templates for Scrivener

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=592]

Ultimate Non-Fiction Book Templates for Microsoft Word

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=608]

50 Titles Template

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=962]

Ultimate Book Ninja Checklist Bundle

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1100]

Publishing Ninja Secrets Mini Course


Author's Quick Course Series

[memb_has_any_tag tagid=1707,1374,1705,528]

Author's Quick Course: Kids' Book Creation

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1707,1286,1282,528]

Author's Quick Course: The 5-Minute Miracle to Double Your Business

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1707,1024,528]

Author's Quick Course: How to Get Quality Book Reviews

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1707,954,528]

Author's Quick Course: How to Design a Book Cover that Sells

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1707,898,528]

Author's Quick Course: How to Stay Focused & Motivated to Write, Publish & Market Your Book

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1707,448,528]

Author's Quick Course: How to Make Money with Your Lead-Generating Kindle Book

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1707,440,528]

Author's Quick Course: How to Make Your Non-Fiction Book a Best Seller

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1707,1661,528,976]

Author’s Quick Course: How to Find Your Target Market & Engage Your Fan Base


Authorpreneur Mastery Series

[NOTE] If you have the Authorpreneur Mastery Lifetime Membership to ALL AM courses, there is no longer one page that lists them all, as they will all be listed below. If you have this membership, all additional courses we create for the AM series will automatically appear here for you. This will save you a step in tracking down the courses. 🙂

[memb_has_any_tag tagid=424,408]

Authorpreneur Mastery: Build Your Successful Author Marketing Platform

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=416,408]

Authorpreneur Mastery: R.E.A.C.H. Your Perfect Customer

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=872,408]

Authorpreneur Mastery: List Building for Authors

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=880,408]

Authorpreneur Mastery: Power-Packed Pen Names

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=888,408]

Authorpreneur Mastery: Create Your 3-Month Marketing Plan in Less than 1 Hour

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=922,408]

Authorpreneur Mastery: Facebook Marketing Secrets

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=944,408]

Authorpreneur Mastery: How to Easily Create an Awesome and FUN Virtual Book Tour

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1120,408]

Authorpreneur Mastery: Weird And Wacky Ways To Market Your Book

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1342,408]

Authorpreneur Mastery: Design & Print Your Own Marketing Materials

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1442,408]

Authorpreneur Mastery: Blogging for Authors


Book Publishing Ninja Courses

[memb_has_any_tag tagid=1012]

Instant Self-Publishing Ninja

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=654]

Book Publishing Ninja

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=664]

Advanced Publishing Ninja


Ways to Market Series

[memb_has_any_tag tagid=1901]

60 Ways to Market Your Book in 60 Minutes

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1996]

45 [More!] Ways to Market Your Book in 45 Minutes


Asskickonomics Challenge

[memb_has_any_tag tagid=1428]

Asskickonomics Challenge Whole Enchilada Lifetime Pass

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1455]

Asskickonomics Challenge Module 1: Ideas, Action & Success Mind Hacks

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1459]

Asskickonomics Challenge Module 2: Kick Ass in the Upper Realm

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1463]

Asskickonomics Challenge Module 3: Kick Ass in the Inner Realm

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1467]

Asskickonomics Challenge Module 4: Kick Ass in the Lower Realm


General & Mini Courses

[memb_has_any_tag tagid=2020]

Writing Support Kit

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1132]

Unleash Your Creativity: The Workshop

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=496]

Be a Book Trailer Ninja Mini Course

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=520]

Be a Website Ninja Mini Course

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=760]

Finish the Book

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=696]

Write My Book in 3 Days Challenge

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=688,638,394,400,810,752,802,744,794,736,786,728,770,720]

Self Publishing On Demand

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=680]

Kindle to Print Challenge


Partner Programs

[memb_has_any_tag tagid=1330]

Book Writing Challenge

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1202]

Hidden Millionaire Secrets

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=906]

Ninja Writing Moves: Writing Copy for Authors

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=914]

Ninja Writing Moves: Professional Writing/Copy Critique



[memb_has_any_tag tagid=1172]

On-Demand Private Slack Access

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=432]

Lifetime Email Coaching

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=464]

Book Cover Critique

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=488]

Book Cover Critique + Templates Bundle

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1028]

Month to Month Coaching

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1032]

3-month PrePay Coaching

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1036]

6-month PrePay Coaching


Templates, Checklists and Downloads

[memb_has_any_tag tagid=1358]

Book Marketing Templates MEGA Bundle

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1114]

Ultimate Book Marketing Checklist Bundle

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1016]

Book Review Templates Bundle

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=962]

Ultimate Book Ninja Checklist Bundle

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=672]

Client Communications Templates

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=608]

50 Titles Template

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=584]

Best-Seller Campaign Tracking System

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=616]

Ultimate Non-Fiction Book Templates for Scrivener

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=600]

Ultimate Book Review Tracking System

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=592]

Ultimate Non-Fiction Book Templates for Microsoft Word

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=512]

Ultimate Non-Fiction Endorsement Templates

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=504]

Ultimate Networking Follow-up System

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=488]

Book Cover Critique + Templates Bundle

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=480]

Royalty-Free Stock Photo Pack : Pathways & Portals

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=472]

Public Domain & Fair Use Quotes

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1004]

Fiction Ebook Cover Templates

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1845]

Kindle Kickstart


My Book Mastermind - 2017

[memb_has_any_tag tagid=1086,1410,1412,1414,1416]

December 2017 My Book Mastermind

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1084,1408,1406,1404,1402]

November 2017 My Book Mastermind

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1082,1392,1394,1396,1398,1400]

October 2017 My Book Mastermind

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1080,1390,1418,1420,1422]

September 2017 My Book Mastermind

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1078,1382,1384,1386,1388]

August 2017 My Book Mastermind

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1076,1270,1272,1274,1276,1278]

July 2017 My Book Mastermind

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1074,1262,1264,1266,1268]

June 2017 My Book Mastermind

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1072,1254,1256,1258,1260]

May 2017 My Book Mastermind

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1070,1244,1246,1248,1250,1252]

April 2017 My Book Mastermind

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1068,1236,1238,1240,1242]

March 2017 My Book Mastermind

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1066,1222,1224,1220,1218]

February 2017 My Book Mastermind

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1064,1208,1210,1212,1214,1216]

January 2017 My Book Mastermind


My Book Mastermind - 2016

[memb_has_any_tag tagid=1062]

December 2016 My Book Mastermind

[/memb_has_any_tag][memb_has_any_tag tagid=1060]

November 2016 My Book Mastermind


[NOTE] My Book Mastermind sessions October 2016 and earlier have been released under The Book Ninja Academy Membership. Due to technical restrictions, these sessions were previously unavailable at all and are not available for lifetime access.

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