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KindleIn30 Challenge!

Step 1: Download your free e-books and read them! Prepare yourself to take action!

Author's Quick Guide to Staying Focused & Motivated

Author's Quick Guide to Shaking Procrastination & Perfectionism & Getting 'Er Done

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Step 2: Download your bonus checklist and templates.

 Non-Fiction Book Templates

 50 Killer Book Title Template

Step 3: EXTRA BONUS! Self-Publish on Kindle Course*

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Step 4: Bonus Webinars

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Mindmap My Kindle Book

Prepare yourself for a successful challenge! In Mindmap My Kindle Book webinar Bob The Teacher Jenkins will show you  how to get all your ideas out of your head and into an actionable plan (with an actual example of a previous Kindle in 30 Challenge member).

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How to use Scrivener to Write Your Book FAST

Learn from the Scrivener Ninja Joseph Michael as he teaches you how to use this powerful software to organize, edit, write, and export your finished Kindle book!

Click here to access the webinar and check out his additional in-depth Scrivener training!

Illustrate Your Own Children’s Book (and book cover, and marketing materials, and…)

Learn from out-of-the-box illustration and design expert guest instructor Tony Laidig as he shows you how to create professional, fast, easy and super inexpensive illustrations for your book(s). HINT: It’s not just for children’s books.

Click here to access the webinar and check out this amazing tutorial.

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Suggested Writing Tools:

Scrivener for PC
Scrivener for Mac
Free File Sharing
Social Media Management

QnA Replays

Audio Files

QnA Resources

Q&A Call Resources (Freshman)

Several resources were talked about on the Q&A call. They’re listed below.

Affordable custom website design: Courtney Chowning, FreshNets

USA Trademark Search Engine: TESS

Q&A Call Resources (Senior)

Several resources were discussed on this Q&A call. They’re listed below:

Google Alerts – For research and to stay up-to-date with who’s talking about you online.

Exposure & Profit event in Toronto, ON, Canada May 1-3, 2015 (Kristen is speaking) Coupon code MEETKRISTEN for $50 off.

Google Image Search – Drag a photo into the search to find its origin and similar images. – Another way to search for image origins and similar images.

WhatTheFont – Upload a picture of text to find out what font it is. – for help with incorporating (LLC, etc.), Trademarks, etc.

Greenshot – App for PCs for taking screenshots.

And a tip from one of your awesome classmates: “I’ve also heard that for key fictional characters authors should buy the .xxx domain so key characters don’t end up on porno sites. Ouch!”


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Q&A Call Resources (Sophomore)

Several resources were talked about on the Q&A call. They’re listed below.

Recommended website developers:

Indie ReCon - writing/publishing conference

Children’s Book Illustration Replay with guest instructor Tony Laidig (You can use this for more than just kids books!)

Dropbox – free file sharing

Copy – free file sharing (mostly for video, has larger initial free space than Dropbox)

Gimp – shareware version of Adobe Photoshop

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