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KindleIn30 Challenge!

Step 1: Download your free e-books and read them! Prepare yourself to take action!

Author's Quick Guide to Staying Focused & Motivated

Author's Quick Guide to Shaking Procrastination & Perfectionism & Getting 'Er Done

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Step 2: Download your bonus checklist and templates.

 Non-Fiction Book Templates

 Non-Fiction Kindle/E-Book Template

 Killer Book Title Checklist

 50 Killer Book Title Template

 Publishing Agreement Language

Step 3: Use your checklist and watch our webinar with Jeff Herring to brainstorm your topics and create your killer book title.

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Step 6: Watch the Training!

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Watch the Bonus Webinar!

Mindmap My Kindle Book

Prepare yourself for a successful challenge! In Mindmap My Kindle Book webinar Bob The Teacher Jenkins will show you  how to get all your ideas out of your head and into an actionable plan (with an actual example of a previous Kindle in 30 Challenge member).

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