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You've made one of the wisest investments in your writing and publishing career! Lifetime Email Coaching is just that - lifetime access to me via email - as long as you and I are both still breathing on Planet Earth. Use the instructions below to access your lifetime email coaching benefits and let's get your books written, published, and selling faster than an ant on an exposed watermelon!

Program Guidelines:


  • Send me one question each day, Monday through Thursday (Eastern time zone). If you send me more than one question, I'll only answer the first one. I can't take the time to answer more than one question per day, and I've found when I do you'll get overwhelmed and confused. Keep in mind I am in Eastern time, so if you're outside the US and email on a Sunday evening, your message may get buried.
  • Holidays and weekends are off. This includes all card holidays like President's Day, St. Patrick's Day (hey, I'm 1/4 Irish), and any days banks are closed. We'll have plenty to cover, and have the rest of our lives to do so!
  • DO NOT EMAIL on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays (Eastern time) for the following week. I literally get hundreds of emails every day, and because I'm often away from my computer on Fridays-Sundays, your message may be lost at the bottom of that pile. This means instead of a 1- to 2-day turnaround for an answer, you may end up with getting your answer weeks later, when I come across your buried email.
  • Content of your questions is totally up to you. It can be advice on writing, publishing, marketing, business, work-life balance... nothing is off-limits. I spend $20,000/year on my own education and coach with some of the best business coaches around, and now you have access to that part of my brain. I also have an amazing team and Rolodex full of smart people, so if I don't immediately know the answer to your question, I'll find it for you!
  • Keep in mind generic questions like "How do I market my book?" are broad and I may point you resources like my Kindle book Author's Quick Guide to Marketing Your Book Online and Off to read first. The more specific your questions, the faster you'll see results. The more crazy your questions, the more crazy my answers will be. To be profitable, make your questions specific and realistic.
  • I'll answer with my best advice, guidelines, and resources I feel will benefit you best. (Note: some of these resources may be more in-depth training courses that will help you better than I can with answering just one question and I may receive a commission for recommending those courses.)
  • Implement the changes and suggestions I make. Work at your own pace. Don't worry, more questions will naturally come up as you implement strategies I give you, so that's why you'll get to...
  • Rinse and repeat!


How to Use Your Lifetime Email Coaching:

Step 1: Email me once a day, Monday through Thursday

Please note I'm in the Eastern time zone, so if you're outside the USA and email me on a Sunday afternoon/evening, I may not receive it for 24 hours. See the Program Guidelines above for details as to why I do not accept email questions on Fridays through Sundays.

Use the email [email protected] to access me directly. (This is my personal email address. It reaches ME, not any team members. Please respect it and do not share it with anyone. If I find out you've shared it, your Lifetime Email Coaching privileges will be revoked without any warning or refund. I value my time and want to keep it available for my students like you.)

IMPORTANT: Make your subject line: "Question - DAY" (Example: Question - Monday) so I don't miss it!

Whitelist thebookninja.com in your email program so you get my replies!

Step 2: Check your email

Unless I'm sick or dying, I'll always respond to your questions within two business days (not counting Fridays). So if you email me late Thursday night, you'll see a reply by Tuesday the following week. Watch your email and check your SPAM filter for my replies.

Step 3: Take ACTION!

If I notice you're asking similar questions over and over again, I'll call you out. I'm your coach, and I want to see you succeed. That means I'm not going to put up with excuses as to why you're not taking action on your ideas. You may encounter tough love and accountability... and as a result, if you take action you WILL see growth!

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