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How the My Book Mastermind Works:

My Book Mastermind is an engaging learning environment where we bring you the latest book marketing strategies with WEEKLY .

Your membership includes:

  • The exclusive My Book Mastermind Facebook Accountability and Goal Setting Group
  • A live weekly call every Monday at 7pm Eastern/6PM Central which include:

- Behind-the-scenes trainings where you get to look inside my business and see exactly what I'm doing now and why.

- Open QnA "pick my brain" sessions where you can ask me anything.

- Advance trainings before I create courses (such as the Adobe InDesign training).

-Hands-on demos, including software, book design, publishing steps, etc.

- Mindset, how-to and strategic trainings to help you make more money and impact more people with your message.

- FREE access to additional webinars and trainings, including Author's Quick Course trainings that are released while you have an active membership (these sell for anywhere from $47-197 each).

- And much more!

Step 1: IMPORTANT: Sign up for your private accountability and brainstorming Facebook Group

This is the most important step for your membership. The Facebook Group is where all your goal setting and accountability will take place. If you're not a member of the group, you're missing out on most of the benefits of this membership.

Click here to request to join our private group!


Step 2: Sign up for your WEEKLY training and QNA SESSIONS!

Mark your calendar and reserve time for: Mondays at 7:00 PM Eastern Time

NEW!! Register ONCE and automatically get training reminders! ==>

ALL CURRENT MEMBERS MUST REGISTER WITH THIS NEW LINK BELOW (as of Friday September 23, 2016 since the GoToWebinar session setup has been reset.)


NOTE: If you cancel your membership, you will be removed from the reminder list for these weekly trainings and stop getting reminders and join links. To rejoin the membership for access to new/current sessions you will have to rejoin at the full price each month

Webinar reminders will be sent to your email for each training. IF you use any of these email clients: Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Bellsouth... PLEASE check your SPAM. If you are not getting any email announcements, please contact [email protected] Some email clients do not like to deliver your important messages from us, so we may recommend changing to a less difficult email client for our products and services (such as Gmail).

YES, it's is ALWAYS recorded and a replay will be available here in your members area (replays kept here for up to two months).

I always have a Q&A section to each call... Can't make it live?

Email you questions to [email protected]


Step 3: Access your available replays below!

Replays for up to the previous 2 months' worth of content are posted below.


STEP 4: SCROLL DOWN for your additional Member Bonuses!

My Book Mastermind Program Training Session Replays

IMPORTANT: While we get the videos up as quickly as possible, sometimes they need to process before they're visible. If this week's video doesn't fully load (or load at all), please try again later.

MBM April Week 1 "Your Story, Your Business" with guest host, Elise +

Session starts at 4 minutes in to the recording. 


Author's Quick Courses

All Author's Quick Courses have been added to your main member's area Dashboard. As long as you remain a member, new AQCs will be added as they are announced.

InDesign Training HERE!

InDesign Book Interior/Exterior DESIGN Training --> Click Here <--

InDesign Printing Presets --> Click Here <--

Additional Members Only Product Discounts

EXCLUSIVE 10% Discount for all other digital products and trainings (NOT available for coaching programs) for CURRENT My Book Mastermind MEMBERS ONLY -- use promo code mbm10percent when checking out!


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