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Author's Quick Guide to Organizing Your Non-Fiction Book

Author's Quick Guide to Turning Your Speech into a Book

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Scroll down for the Freshman 101 training segments.  The Sophomore 201, Junior 301 and Senior 401 replays are accessible with the menu on the right side of the page underneath the Freshmen 101 training replays, 

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Training Session and QnA Replays

You can go through all the training, or select which session is pertinent to where you are with your Kindle to Print projects.

Freshman Level 101 (1st Week of Challenge) -- scroll down--

Material covered includes:

  • Writing 101: How to find existing content, decide on your topic, come up with a title, mind map out your outline and compile your material into a rough draft.
  • Publishing 101: Company name, taxes, ISBNs, how to create a killer book cover and what should go where on your book's back cover.
  • Marketing 101: Build your list with an opt-in, where to get reviewers, set up a Facebook group, how to pre-sell your book online and offline.

Sophomore Level 201 (2nd Week of Challenge) --menu underneath Freshmen sessions--

Material covered includes:

  • Writing 201: Optimum page counts, how to outline chapters, how to stay focused and design your writing space.
  • Publishing 201: 3 primary types of publishing, the math between types of self-publishing and CreateSpace vs. IngramSpark cost analysis, where to find photos and photo/graphic/artwork legalities.
  • Marketing 201: Online and offline marketing tactics and how to create and implement your marketing plan.

Junior Level 301  (3rd Week of Challenge)

Material covered includes:

  • Writing 301: Filling the gaps in your manuscript, how to research like a ninja.
  • Publishing 301: Steps to a clean document, how to save money on editing, side-by-side comparison of professional interior layout in Adobe InDesign vs. same book laid out in Microsoft Word.
  • Marketing 301: How to determine your book's category on Amazon and for bookstores, how to price your book for your market, which distributor discount to offer when, what affects print cost, how to use IngramSpark's calculator to come up with the right retail price for your print book.

Senior Level 401  (4th Week of Challenge)

Material covered includes:

  • Writing 401: Self-editing, how to choose a professional editor, next steps.
  • Publishing 401: When and how to get permission for quoted material, CreateSpace vs. IngramSpark in-depth comparison.
  • Marketing 401: Formula for bookstore sales and bulk selling, book launch creation, your author website, how to get partners to promote for you, what to do on launch day.

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